Request for item return

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Request for item return

Post  niel1826 on Wed Jan 04, 2012 5:58 pm

Username: niel1826
Characters: Meadeslithering, Sandhurst, Reavingsighter
Screenshot: i dont have
+10Diablo Robe (4pcs)
+10Diablo Mantue(6pcs)
+10Diablo Boots(4pcs)
+10Orlean's Shield (2pcs)
+10Valkyrie Shield (6pcs)
+10COD (3pcs)
+10Valkyrie Armor (2pcs)
+10Large Bapho Horn
+10Alice Doll[1]
+10 hunting spear
+10 lich bone wand (3pcs)
3pcs 4leaf clover in mouth r
2pcs pirate dagger
8pcs Berzebub Card
1pc. Sinx Card
2pcs Thanatos Card
90 or 90+pcs Mithril Coin (i dont remeber how many)
9pcs TCG Card
4pcs PODS

Sorry i dont have any screenshots of my items
i hope all my items will be back. thanks a lot, more power to ziRagnarok Online


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